Every month, I (Maria T to you) am asked to come up with an idea for the flier to promote that particular month's Sugar Town.

The Goal: keep it lady oriented and enticing enough so that people might want to come to the show, or keep it for their own personal collection.

If you happen to have a copy of the flier from Sara's birthday party [which pre-dated Sugar Town but actually was the spark that got all of this in motion], please get in touch with us.


February: The first and only appearance of the Sugar Town merchandise table! These days, various folks from Riot Grrrl Philly, Ladyfest Philly and Planned Parenthood hang out in the back, with tons of cool merch and things to read.

April: Our first show where we had to deal with a cancellation. The very wonderful Winterbrief had to bow down [but played a couple months later] and the also excellent Palomar from NYC stepped in, wowing our very first large crowd.

August: Playboy Magazine put out an issue the month before with Go-Go Belinda Carlisle showing us that her lips were the only thing which were sealed, and we couldn't resist using one of the images for the flier. However, we loved the old, un-airbrushed Belinda so much — what was a girl to do? So we decided to make a double-sided poster with the two images above. This was able to satisfy everyone in the long run, and turned out to be, one of most well-known posters to date.

January: A special thank you goes out to Keren Catastrophe for using the very cool image.

February / March: Hey! What's going on here? You'll notice there's two Sugar Town anniversary fliers, in different months. Let's just say email ain't the best form of communication sometimes... March was the official birthday party, but we are grateful to the audiences who braved February's show. Also, in March we decided to give away a limited edition [20] mix tape to our audiences...